Woman is condemned to pay $ 10,000 for posting photo of doctors in UPA of MS and say that ‘they keep chatting’

“As the patients suffer, doctors are chatting.” The message posted on Facebook on November 6, 2018 shows a photo of a bedridden patient and two doctors talking in the hospital. Leblon Garden Ready Unit in Campo Grande (MS). The author of the posting even marked the page of the Health Unit in the publication.

The next day, one of the doctors began to question his behavior. According to the doctor’s lawyer, David Amizo Frizzo, he was questioned by patients and co-workers: “This caused a great deal of embarrassment,” he says. Five months after the posting, the Justice of Mato Grosso do Sul condemned the woman who made the publication to pay an indemnity for moral damages to the doctor in the amount of R $ 10 thousand.

According to the lawyer, the doctor was in an observation room and all the patients had already been treated. He exchanged information with a colleague who had been relocated recently, when a patient who had already been treated took the picture and published with the help of his aunt in the social network.

“We have come in with the action not because of the financial character, but we are looking for a pedagogical character, so that society knows that the doctor also faces stressful days in difficult working conditions.”

According to the lawyer, social networks stimulate complaints, but care must be taken when publishing them. He says that the ideal is to make the complaint directly with the institution or the company responsible, thus avoiding cases of defamation or offenses.

The mediatries to contact the woman and her defense. In the lawsuit, she said that the publication of the doctors talking was done by the niece who had already sought the UPA three times, with gall stones. The decision is in the first instance, therefore, still appeal by the author.

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