‘They are a miracle in our lives’, says mother of separated Siamese twins after surgery in Mexico City

“They are a miracle in our lives.” Camila Vieira’s statement reveals the relief for a story that began more than a year ago when, still pregnant, she discovered she was expecting Siamese twins.

The consultant is the mother of Mel and Lis who were born 10 months ago, joined by the head and, last Saturday (27), were separated in an unpublished surgery in Brasilia. The procedure lasted more than 20 hours and brought together about 50 professionals.

On Monday (29), Camila said that during the gestation period, the doctors came to consider an abortion.

“They put us to the possibility of having an abortion, but I would never have an abortion.”

It was dawn on Sunday (28) when Camila and her husband Rodrigo Martins Aragão saw, for the first time, the two separated daughters.

“First we saw Mel on the surgery stretcher and we started to cry. I thought, people, it’s a doll, not my daughter. I did not believe. When we saw Lis, the record fell, “Camila recalle.

Team Emotion

The separation of the twins also thrilled the doctors and staff. Part of the group accompanies Lis and Mel from the gestation.

More than 50 professionals participated in the surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Brasilia José de Alencar. It was the first such procedure in the Federal District, the third in Brazil and the tenth in the world.

“There were people who after the surgery did not want to leave. There is no way to not get involved, “says the neurosurgeon who coordinated the operation, Benicio Oton de Lima.

Now all energies are focused on the recovery of small patients. According to doctors, the first few days are the most important for recovery.

“They are not out of risk because the longer the surgery, the greater the risk, but they are giving the expected response,” explained plastic surgeon Ricardo de Lauro.

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