These are the “apps” that teenagers have on their mobile

Young people have signed up to the “mobile first” phenomenon, mobile phones first. They do not take off from their phones for a minute, although it begins to be a habit that transcends even the age. In Spain, like other advanced markets, a “silent generation” has developed; young people who barely talk on the phone because they do everything through messaging applications such as WhatsApp, the most used service in the country.

Although the main consumer habits studies do not fully capture a specific sample of adolescents’ profiles, according to several studies consulted and consultation with a group of adolescents , some services that they use almost daily can be extrapolated.

According to the latest report “Digital Society in Spain 2018” prepared by the Fundación Telefónica, 24% of young people between 14 and 19 years olduse an application for video calls, using, for these purposes, services such as Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp that allow it between its functions. Interestingly, three services owned by the same company, Facebook. WhatsApp is used by 93.6% of Spanish citizens .

However, the use of social networks has been considerably reduced since 2017, showing a negative interannual difference of 24%, the message in social networks the communication channel used by 36% of the population, according to data from the Spanish teleoperator . Despite everything, people between 14 and 19 are the ones who use them the most (46.4%).

According to the study of consumption habits of IAB , the average of applications that the Epsañoles believe to use is 11 in the mobile. 13.5%, collect several reports, bet on Pinterest, known photography network similar to Instagram but, given its low market share, which has been losing in Spain in recent years, it serves for teenagers and young people be part of a community other than their parents .

Precisely, other of the applications that begin to have validity among the smallest users are those of the “calculator of secrets” type. These are tools designed to hide images and videos when simulating a calculator. An ideal service to store private documents and away from the curious (parents?) . Its operation is simple: a combination opens the box of secrets. Whisper, tool to tell secrets and confessions, also begins to have a long journey among this public, like Wishbone, an application to compare images in various categories.

The latter is very focused on creating photomontages and “memes”. A content that triumphs a lot among young people and that, in addition, is usually alberado or appear on profiles of Tumblr, a platform of microblogs created in 2007 that, despite not blunting, remains a spectacular container of funny images, including sexual images . This trend has been reduced in recent months after the company has begun to implement measures to combat it.

Other services with a long history that is also present in the vast majority of mobile devices -without major changes compared to an adult audience- is YouTube -known video network- and Spotify -music in “streaming”. Two tools that, on the one hand, helps them discover funny videos that they then comment among themselves and access the songs that are in fashion.

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