The denounced New Zealand company, made up of three people, used different companies and websites for the sale of false interaction services

Facebook has filed a complaint against a New Zealand company that used the social network Instagram, also owned by Facebook, to sell ” likes “, visualizations and false followers , and has already proceeded to suspend their accounts.

The complaint, filed in a federal court in the United States by Facebook, aims to “send the message that this type of fraudulent activity is not tolerated in our services,” according to the head of Platform Management and Litigations of Facebook, Jessica Romero, in a statement from the company.

The New Zealand company denounced by Facebook, made up of three people, used different companies and websites to sell fake interaction services to Instagram accounts.

Facebook ensures that the accused company continued its activity despite having received a notice that went against the policies of use of Instagram , so it proceeded to eliminate their accounts in the social network.

The lawsuit asks the court to stop the defendants from benefiting from the sale of “likes”, visualizations and false followers on Instagram, both for violating its terms of use and for violating the laws of the State of California (United States) against fraud. and computer abuse.

Facebook has ensured that it has “void content” in its forums and the company has advised them that they “have plenty of resources to discover and stop this.

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