One week with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active watch: a lot of fitness for something out of control

With a transversal vision, Samsung has wanted to unify two closely related worlds, that of fitness wristbands and smart watches. That strategy works in its new device, the Galaxy Watch Active . A “smartwatch” aesthetically beautiful and that presents a great personality, although its strength does not reside precisely in its interior, which presents certain doubts after a prolonged use.

Before going into details, we must refer to one of its most determining aspects, the design: it is beautiful, the truth. A spherical, minimalist, but daring screen. Small (1.1 inches) but that, however, looks great on small dolls. It is comfortable and manageable. Once put in the hand “disappears”: you almost do not even know you’re wearing it. It is incredibly light, something that also contributes its weight, of only 25 grams. It is there for when you need it. The quality of the panel (of the Amoled type, like the most advanced mobiles) is unquestionable; With a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels, the device offers a lot of useful information.

Technically, it works in a balanced and fluid way thanks to the “brain” chosen, an Exynos 9110 chip with two cores and capable of moving at a clock frequency of 1.15 GHz . It comes with a 768 MB RAM memory and allows up to 4 GB of storage, both to host applications and content -canciones, basically-.

The company wanted to radically change the format of the “smartwatch”. Compared to other models launched previously, the Galaxy Watch Active has dispensed with one of its hallmarks, the rotating bezel. P ara has therefore been integrated in a more reasonable way the Tizen operating system to achieve a gesture interface. With only two touches it is perfectly handled, although it is true that given the limited surface in some situations is more complicated navigation. It only has two physical buttons on one edge; one to return and another to get to «Start».

The device has focused, precisely, on the environment of health and fitness. Hence, perhaps, the name “Active” and the incorporation of a GPS positioning system. And, for this, a greater integration of these services has been devised through an application that encompasses several parameters that are responsible for monitoring the sports activity of the person. In fact, it is prepared to measure up to 90 different types of activity, although it is capable of discriminating on its own – automatically after ten minutes – if it is a walk or a race.

But, on the other hand, this environment is what most doubt presents for the captured results, apparently strange and different from those offered by other “wearables” devices. Is it not accurate? If we serve other rivals, sometimes yes. The equipment incorporates a heart rate sensor that shows the vital signs -value redundancy- constantly on the screen. It is an interesting function, but when tested with other sensors it offers somewhat diffuse results.

It is resistant to water up to 50 meters deep and supports an NFC chip to make mobile payments . Two indispensable attributes for a smart watch today. One of its great assets comes from the battery, consisting of a 230 mAh battery; It lasts two days without regard – something scarce compared to a classic bracelet – although if it is used for a long time its autonomy suffers. It is even possible to select that the monitoring of the heart be intermittent, which can extend the duration until the next load. Another interesting detail is that the charging system – using a magnetic charger – is quite fast, especially when compared to an Apple Watch.

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