Ex who divorced Pamela Anderson twice wants to marry her again

The ex-husband of actress and model Pamela Anderson wants to resume the relationship with celebrity. Married and divorced from Anderson twice, movie producer Rick Salomon would have made explicit to friends and family his plans to convince the ex that they should get back together and invest in a third marriage. Entrepreneur’s plans came to the public through a source close to him in testimony to the British newspaper .

Anderson and Salomon first married in October 2007 and separated in December of the same year. Then they remarried in January 2014, having asked for a new divorce in April 2015. Since 2017 the model is in a relationship with the French footballer Adil Rami.

According to the British press, two of Salomon’s main allies for Anderson to give him another chance are his two children, Brandon (22) and Dylan (21), the fruit of her relationship with musician Tommy Lee. Brandon and Dylan would love their mother to go back to Rick, “the newspaper source said. The contact reports that the two sons have always seen the producer as the closest they have to a father figure.

“They have always been very close to him and have always seen him as a paternal figure,” the source said. “They have been begging for the mother to resume their relationship with him, reminding him how Rick is still in love with her. They said he still loves her and lives in the same house as her last marriage, so she would just have to go back there, “he said.

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